Join Team MAGAhearts!

Rules of the Game

  1. Go out and show them the truth about what is truly in the hearts of Trump supporters. Play offense against the false narrative about MAGA patriots.
  2. In response to the dark times we face, people keep asking "What can we do to help". The answer is... do you! The fact is Trump supporters are some of the most generous, kind, charitable, patriotic people on the planet. Go out there and help your neighbor, your community and your country like you naturally do everyday.
  3. Talk is cheap. Lead by action! Show the world how we should play the game!
  4. Take the high road.
  5. Help those who are struggling.
  6. Uplift people around you.
  7. Be a part of the solution.
  8. Spread goodness, kindness and cheer! It's infectious!
  9. Do good.
  10. Lend a helping hand.
  11. Make a difference.
  12. Be an ambassador to our great President Trump and make him proud.
  13. Keep your eye on the ball.
  14. Stay positive.
  15. Stay humble.
  16. Pray.
  17. Inspire others to rise up and represent.
  18. Practice, practice, practice an attitude of gratitude and spread appreciation for everyone around you.
  19. Have fun!
  20. Please remember to take a photo or video of your Magaheart actions and post it on this site or on social media ( #MAGAhearts ) to inspire others to follow in your footsteps! Feel free to post photos and videos of any Magaheart deeds you have already done in the past.
  21. If you are feeling extra brave, put on your favorite Trump hat or shirt while you are out making a difference!

Welcome to team MAGAhearts! Now let's go out and Make America Great Again!

If you are feeling extra GREATful, please submit your personal message of appreciation for our great President directly on

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